You value your World of Warcraft account ? We do.

Anthrax is the only full Out Of Process World of Warcraft (wow) botting software (wowbot). While we provide a full range of possibilities thanks to our outstanding piece of software, we remain the most secure and reliable World of Warcraft bot in the market.

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Entirely out of process, your account stays away from the Warden's scope.
You can use your computer while Anthrax works for you.
Every patch the game is analysed, and Anthrax updated to keep your account safe.

Our WoW bot gives you the most of your game with its radar (2D and 3D), flying mount farming and of course, our high-end anti-Warden protection system.

Our software is designed to provide awesome advanced features like a built-in 3D radar to enlighten your environment, spot other players, mines, herbs, and even have a full display of all friendly and opponent's health(see screenshots).